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Do you want to write a book? Do you need help and support in writing? Join our members club where we give practical advice, support and coaching on how to write a book, how to get it completed, how to publish it, how to turn it into an audiobook, how to turn it into other languages.

The members site provides tips, advice, webinars, coaching and support.


Don’t try and do it by yourself. Receive support from a serial author and a community of champions – all on the same mission… to write a book. You’ll be far more motivated with others who are writing a book, then to try and get this task done in isolation. Regular accountability calls will help to keep you on track!




Members Club

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Lisa Newton is the author of How To Write A Book in Two Weeks. Lisa's online course is available here: How To Write A Book Online Course. In addition, she runs a private inner circle members club to coach those who are serious about writing: Write A Book Online Members Club

Members Club January 29, 2017

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