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How To Write A Book In Two Weeks

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I decided to write this book about How To Write A Book In Two Weeks (Or Less) to encourage all those budding writers out there to ‘just do it!’ However, I know it’s easier said than done, and I wanted to provide some help and advice on how I’ve managed to write books so quickly because I know many people do struggle.

After writing a few books (including Cosmic Ordering With Vision Boards) in two weeks, I decided to write this book in order to capture the process that I go through…I kept on hearing ‘oh I’d love to write a book’… and I’d say ‘Go on then – I did it in two weeks’ and the look on some peoples faces would either be one of total disbelief and incredulity or just complete self-doubt ‘oh no, I couldn’t possibly do that’… but I think anyone can, IF THEY WANTED TO BADLY ENOUGH!

So this book will document the process of how I wrote this book. All the examples used, will be for how this book came into existence. So, see it a bit like a coach – part inspiration, part explanation and part motivation. Please note that I’ve always been a person who enjoys writing, so I think I have an advantage in that for me, writing isn’t ‘a chore’ – I love it. I could do it all day. But even if you don’t ‘enjoy’ writing, maybe you can ‘speak’ your book. Create an audio book and / or get someone to type it out for you! There is always a way around everything. I’ve always written non-fiction books (business, self-help, personal development is my preferred genre), so this book will take you through the process of how to write similar types of books.

For those of you who think you don’t have the time – I’m here to tell you – you’re wrong! As I sit here, typing these opening words, I’m sitting on a minibus, and it’s heading for Belize… this will be a 7 hour journey. You have to make the time.  For my Cosmic Ordering book, I was doing full time voluntary work from 10am to 5pm. I would write from 5am to 9am every morning, and continue again at night from about 6pm to 8pm. And I had all weekend too. We can always find the time for things that we enjoy and WANT to do… so this is the message here. If you really want to do it, you can. I do hope that by the end of this book, you’ll feel ready, able and willing to commit to the 14-day challenge.

Do tweet me your book title, when you get it published!

Good Luck!


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How To Write A Book In Two Weeks

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How To Write A Book In Two Weeks

Free Sample March 11, 2014

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